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Policy Issuance Procedure
Claim Procedure
What is insurance?

Insurance is a contract between two parties insurer and insured in which one party (the insurer, in return of certain and agreed amount of money called the premium), assure the other party (the insured) to make good any financial loss. The insured may suffer as a result of occurrence of the specified, insured and unforeseen events (perils) that take place within the period described in the contract.

How many types of insurance are there in the market?
How many insurance companies are there in Nepal?
What is Non-Life Insurance?
How can a person or organization take insurance?
What is the purpose of filling up the proposal form?
What documents are required with proposal?
What are the duties of insurance policy holder?

Step by step guide to Insurance Issuance

Fill up the required form. The documents to be filled up are:

  • KYC Form
  • Proposal Form.
  • Technical Form.

Collection of the required documents. The list of required documents are:

  • Copy of Bluebook / Tax Invoices
  • Copy of Lalpurja / Agreement
  • Bills of Quantity (BOQ) and any other relevant documents

Fill up the inspection form (if necessary)

Collect information about the product that the client wants to insure

The debit note number will be generated after this step.


  • Online
  • Human Intervention

Issuance of Policy: After the payment is done, the policy has to either be collected by the client or hand-delivered by the company.

1. Inform the nearest Police Station Immediately.

2. Get the information about the third party involved, if any.

3. Give written information (intimation) or email us at claim@nlgi.com.np.
4. The company may appoint Surveyor for further process.
5. Submit all the required /asked documents to the company or Surveyor as requested.
6. Surveyor will perform the loss assessment and submit the report to us along with his remarks after completing the survey.
7. The surveyor report and document submitted will be validated and approved by the competent authority, based on which a discharge voucher will be issued and forwarded to the insured mentioning the settlement amount.
8. After receiving the signed discharge voucher from the insured, the company will settle the claim by issuing a cheque.

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